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I have studied several courses on general and legal translation at reputable universities located in three countries, England, Spain and Venezuela.

I am familiar with the legal language used in the United Kingdom, United States, Spain and Venezuela. This allows me to adapt the translation to the target country or region.

I take my time to research the most appropriate terminology and style for each job. Then I check my work several times to make sure it meets high quality standards.

My experience and education background allows me to translate documents in these areas:

Corporate Law

Memorandum of association, articles of incorporation, meeting minutes, IOU's.

English to Spanish

Wills and Powers of Attorney

English to Spanish


Birth/marriage/death certificates, decrees nisi, decrees absolute, etc.

English to Spanish, Spanish to English

Academic documents

Transcripts, degrees, diplomas, certificates.

English to Spanish, Spanish to English


Purchase, lease, pledge, licensing, etc.

English to Spanish

Maritime Law

Insurance policies, certificates of origin, charter parties.

English to Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a statement signed by the translator where s/he declares that the translation is a true and accurate rendering of the original document. Generally speaking, the certification can be found at the first page of the translation.

If the client needs a certified translation, I'll make a certification for each document. For example, one certification for the birth certificate, one for the marriage certificate and another for the divorce decree.

In both the UK and the USA, a certified translation includes a signed statement where the translator certifies that said translation is true to the original.

UK immigration authorities usually require documents not written in English or Welsh to include a certified translation.

There is no such thing as a "certified translator" in the UK. Neither there is a "sworn translator."

In my case, I am a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (verifiable here by entering Last name «Snijder Ruan»). To be admitted as a Member, this organisation requires a minimum of three years of experience using a foreign language in a professional setting in addition to relevant academic qualifications.

If you are located in the UK, I'll send the certified translation by regular post with Royal Mail First Class for an additional fee.

If you are located outside the UK, I'll send it with your preferred courier or post service at your expense.

If the government agency, authority or institution requiring the translation accepts this, then yes. No problem.

In these cases, I would convert the certified translation to PDF and then add a digital signature.

Translation prices start at £30 per page of original document. Certification, printing and shipping by regular post will attract an additional fee.

For example, translating a 10-page-long document would cost £30 per page. The subtotal would be £300.

Let's say the translated document has 20 pages certifications included and that the client is located in the UK. The additional cost would be £10 for printing, certification and shipping. Then the total cost would be £310.

However, these prices are informative only and could vary depending on the complexity and length of the documents to be translated.

Please note that I only provide quotes after I have seen pictures of each and every page of the document to be translated.

This depends on the extent of the work and my availability. I would need to assess every job individually to suggest a deadline.

I could accept urgent jobs subject to an additional fee provided that I am available to complete them to a high standard of quality. Otherwise, I won't be able to accept said job.

Generally speaking, a translator won't translate more than 2000 words a day, 3000 at most. That is why it is advisable to order a translation well in advance.

Usually documents are legalised with an apostille in the country or region where they were issued. Last but not least they are translated. Legalisations and apostilles are usually written in the same language of the original document and not in the target language.

Contact me on WhatsApp (I accept voice notes), Facebook Messenger, email or via the contact form on this Website.

If you prefer to speak on the phone, ring me on +44 7760 823 207.

Before accepting any job or providing a cost estimate, I will need to see the documents or files to be translated.

If you wish to order a translation of legal documents such as degrees, judgments or the like, you should send me photographs that meet the following criteria:

  • include the four corners of each page,

  • be fully legible and

  • include both sides of every page of the document.

Please be aware that translations do not only include texts on the original document, but they also depict each and every element appearing on it, including signatures, seals, backgrounds, emblems, etc.

If any element is not fully legible, I will need additional photos of this.

My native language is Spanish and my second language is English.

I translate legal documents from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Above you may check which documents I translate only from English to Spanish and which I translate in both directions.

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