English-Spanish Legal Translator

I want to help you

I'm an English to Spanish legal translator.

I specialise in personal documents for immigration, agreements, judgments, memorandums and articles of association, etc.

I provide true, accurate and well-drafted translations that are tailored to the legal language of the target region or country.

Unfortunately I cannot solve all kinds of problems. I wish I could. But I can solve legal translation problems.

Your frustration caused by poor translations could end today. Here I explain how I can help you.

If you're a lawyer

and you advice clients on the purchase of properties abroad or international business operations, you don't want the hassle caused by a poorly translated contract.

You want to focus on your job and providing the best service to your clients, while I take care of the legal English to Spanish translation.

The good news is that I can avoid those issues. You can rely on me.

If you're a project manager,

you don't want to hire a new translator to repeat the work. Far from it. You would waste time and money. Or worse, you could lose a client due to a poor or late translation.

You want a trusted translator for your legal English to Spanish translation jobs. You want a professional who won't let you down.

It's up to you.

If you're a migrant

in a majority English-speaking country, it is likely that you will need to translate these documents:


of birth/marriage or divorce decrees for immigration procedures.

Degrees and transcripts

to have your studies recognised, be admitted to university or to apply for jobs.

Background checks

for immigration procedures or to apply for certain jobs.

Relax. I got this.

Need a high-quality translation?

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